Life in the Hub (1)

The first month in the Hub was quite intense and sometimes chaotic. We switched into multitasking by organising events in order to attract potential members and give idea of where we’re heading to,  furnishing the space, making new rules and promoting co-working as much as possible. Partly because of this workload I missed Coworking EU event in Brussels, but hope to catch on with fellow space owners some time in the future.

How was it? Just wanted to let you know what we’ve e so far in terms of attracting new members, having events and promoting ourselves. I’ll write more about members in this post and use others posts later.

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Gyvenimas Hub’e (1)

Pirmasis darbo mėnuo Hub’e buvo labai intensyvus: daug renginių, narių bendruomenės auginimas, patalpų pritaikymas mūsų poreikiams, bendravimas su žiniasklaida ir coworking’o idėjų populiarinimas. Ir viskas vienu metu, lygiagrečiai ir ne visada planuotai.

Ką nuveikėme? Noriu trumpai jums papasakoti dabar apie narius, o kituose postuose apie renginius ir kt.

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