Rugpjūčio 2 d. Idėjų kavinėje pristatyta „Medis Vilniui“ iniciatyva

Rugpjūčio 2 d., įvyko trečiasis Idėjų kavinės susitikimas.

Hub Vilnius Gedimino 9 nuo birželio 28 d. veikia Idėjų kavinė. Tai reguliarus diskusijų apie NVO, socialinio verslo ir pilietiškumo projektus ciklas prie kavos puodelio, kuria nemokamai vaišina mūsų draugai – Coffee Inn. Kiekvieno susitikimo metu pristatomas naujas projektas, idėja, iniciatyva ir kavinės lankytojai pateikia pasiūlymus, kaip galima patobulinti projektą ar idėją.

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Ideas Cafe: „A Tree for Vilnius“ Initiative

The third meeting of Ideas Cafe took place on the 2dn of August.

Ideas Cafe, as the project, was started on the 28th of June at Gedimino 9. It is a regular disucssion and brainstorming cycle on NGOs, social businesses and civic projects. The discussion takes place with the cup of coffee that is provided by our friends – Coffee Inn. A new project, idea or initiative is presented during every meeting while the visitors of Ideas Cafe are able to give suggestions how to improve it.

Today a presentation of the project „A Tree for Vilnius“ took place. The initiative has been launched by Augustas Štaras and his colleagues. The aim of the project is to create a map of places in Vilnius where it would be possible to plant trees and after concluding it with the Government, order tree seedlings and invite residents as well as organizations to help planting them.

Today the project is looking for people who could help and have experience in NGO project management, communication with sponsors and project development. Also, suggestions regarding system programming and design would be of great support.

Additional information about the project (in Lithuanian) could be found here:​mdanys/sodink-vilniuje-ide​ju-kavine-3-hub-vilnius

Everyone, who wants to present the projects at Ideas Cafe, should register by sending us an email ( You should send a short description of yourself and the date you would like your presentation to take place. (Remember that the Hub Ideas Cafe meetings are held every Tuesday at 9 a.m.)