Interview with Hub’s intern Alejandro

Interview with Hub’s intern Alejandro

We’ve decided to interview our new intern from France – Alejandro Moreira.


How did you find Hub Vilnius?

I was looking for some place outsude of France to do my internship, so I said to myself „Why not Lithuania?“.

I ask some professor that I meet during my Erasmus at Mykolas Romeris, and one of them told me about Hub Vilnius, I check the website and voila!


Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your background?

I come from Honduras but I have been living in Lyon, France for almost 6 years (but during one of then I was an Erasmus at Mykolas Romeris University) for my studies.


What do you miss the most about Honduras in Lithuania?

The Honduran food ( I m diying for some real „tortillas“ with „frijoles“) and the weather ( Oh my God! This cold!!!).


Tell us three things you like and hate about Lithuania?

3 things that I like about Lithuania… I can give you even more but the 3 most important have to be:

The fact a small country (full of history), the language (even if it s impossible to learn) and the Señoritas ( the Ladies) hahaha

and there is just one thing that I hate, but it also part of the experience: The Weather!


What are your activities in the Hub? Have you already made some friends there?

I m an intern so I do a little of everything, mostly help for the events; but I am available for anything else. Use my Spanish and French to go into other markets.

And  I have meet some of the guys of „We are Marketing“, Sergei and couple of others hubbers.


How long are you going to be in Vilnius?

I m going to be here until the end of August, just to check that „The Lithuanian Summer“ really exist.

Hasta la vista!