Hub Camp #12: More New Discoveries and Success Stories

Swedbank is where you want to spend the afternoons of every last Friday of the month, when the monthly Hub Camp events gather just the lot you’d want to hang out with. Organized by Hub Vilnius and a non-profit organization Start Karma, Hub Camp #12 might’ve been more concise than the previous ones, but that didn’t deduct any points from the quality of its content.


For the first time ever, this Hub Camp was held in English, which should be noted as a worthwhile step, making the event friendlier for non-Lithuanian speakers.


Vytautas Butkus from “StartupLithuania”


The first speaker to have the floor was Vytautas Butkus from “StartupLithuania”, and it was pretty nice to listen to someone who describes his work with startups as “the best position there is”.  Vytautas presented the annual “Login” conference that will take place on 18th-19th of April, and then elaborated more on the Startup Pitch Challenge, where top 20 best pitching startups will win tickets to the Road show. Save the dates and find out more at the “Startup Roadshow” stand in “Login”!


Domas Sabockas from “Dragdis”


Vytautas was followed by Domas Sabockas, one of the founders of “Dragdis”. Abbreviated from “drag+discoveries”, this project is envisioned to make saving your online findings a whole lot easier. Domas gave a simple yet informative table, which compared the number of clicks you need to make now in order to save some content – and very convincingly reminded us what a pain it is to later find it again. Dragdis, on the other hand, allows you to simply “drag and drop” all you need into your own new folders, and makes it easy to find it again. Imagining what a great search help tool this could be, Domas’ ambitions of being spotted by “Microsoft”, ”Apple”and “Google” don’t seem to be too far-fetched.


Indrė Narauskaitė – Not Another Talent Show


Indrė Narauskaitė from the College of Applied Social Sciences spent a great deal of time trying to convince us that, even though in denial, we all actually love talent shows. To illustrate that she picked a number of recent Youtube hits, supposedly showcasing different talents we all love and watch (although how the Gangnam  Style of the Harlem Shake made it past the “talent” bar remains somewhat of a mystery). Be that as it may, Indrė invited everyone to the “Parodyk Save” (“Show Yourself”) project, which will take place on 23rd of March in the “Panorama” shopping center.


Mindaugas Kriščiūnas from “XTGem”


Mindaugas Kriščiūnas presented the mobile software tool that is, as he duly noted, hardly known in Lithuania, and yet ranks among 5 top visited websites in countries like India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Singapore and has over 300M visitors worldwide. “XTGem” are launching a new “Featured Sites” function, which helps your created website to be discovered more easily. Mindaugas said they’re hiring now, too!


Arvydas Šlekaitis and “Toy Bomber”


The last scheduled speaker Arvydas Šlekaitis represented “Membranos”, Lithuanian-based mobile games developer and publisher. Arvydas brought back the memories from our childhoods, specifically by recalling the inexplicable attraction to toy destruction. Their mobile game “Toy Bomber”, available on both iOS and Android, allows you to recapture the feeling. “Toy Bomber” already has around 20 000 users, 2000 of which are active daily!


Paulius Dauparas from Young Crew Lithuania


By the end of the speakers list, Hub Camp host Edmundas Balčikonis from Start Karma invited anyone willing to make a speech or a presentation to the floor – and Paulius Dauparas took advantage of it by making a brief announcement in Lithuanian about the Project Management Championship 2013, inviting young project managers to apply. Registration is already open!


Don’t miss Hub Camp #13 on March 29!


By Ieva Elvyra Kazakevičiūtė


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