Preliminary results of global coworking survey 2016 announced!

We are at the coworking Europe conference in Brussels and just now Deskmag released the results of the global coworking survey from 2016 and the forecasts for 2017. Curious? Well, stay with us!

First of all the number of coworking spaces is still growing, now we are 11.300 spaces worldwide, that represents a 30% growth comparing to 2015. The growth is slowing down a bit and the forecast for 2017 is 22%. Let’s go to members now, in 2016 the amount of users of coworking spaces got to 835.000 worldwide, representing a 64% growth. The forecast for 2017 is 1.180.000 members with a rumble growth of 41%.

Now to a new part of the survey. Not surprisingly 79% of coworking spaces consider themselves as more than a coworking space. They can also be community space, mixed space, shared office, business center, incubator or accelerator, artist space or other, mainly being event space. When asked if they were profitable, 41% of the spaces are, while other 23% not. An interesting insight is that 29% replied that the coworking space doesn’t really need to be profitable for the place itself to continue, as they usually have others sources of money as coffee, meeting spaces, event spaces, etc.

What did the members had to say about their coworking spaces? 60% called it casual, showing that coworking is coming to the mainstream now, although 24% still describe it as hip & trendy. 71% of member collaborated with at least one other coworker, 29% never ever did. The average number of collaboration per member is 4 and most of them (76%) were involved in small tasks, 42% partnered up for a project without contract, 27% did a contract and most astoundingly 11% formed a new company together.

This is only a small piece of the whole survey. The final results will be published at – be sure to check all the details there.

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