An update on startup ecosystem in Lithuania by TNW

More than 25 years have passed since the Soviet Union collapsed, which resulted in 15 countries being free from the central administration and the communist ideology. The three Baltic states — Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania — were the first to declare independence and officially secede from the USSR.

The three countries still have a powerful presence within the avant-garde of the post-Soviet republics in terms of technology entrepreneurship and government support of innovation. Estonia, for example, is well-known as the country where Skype was born, as well as its e-Residency program. Another Baltic state, Lithuania, has recently approved an official startup visa program, which will allow founders from outside the EU to easily open business in the country.

“We are happy to be the bridge between startups from Central and Eastern Europe and investors from around the world,” Rimantė Ribačiauskaitė, head of the government-backed Startup Lithuania project, told TNW.

Lithuania’s capital Vilnius also hosted the region’s biggest startup event — LOGIN Startup Fair — earlier this year. We used the occasion to talk to the insiders of the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to learn more about it.

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