Social Investments Fund

Social Investments Fund (SIF) is taking part in the ERASMUS+ funded project on social entrepreneurship. SIF is a promoter of social entrepreneurship and social innovations in Lithuania and the Baltic Sea Region.

In September 2014, the project has been granted and started its realisation. The first meeting of the partners took place in Riga, during 10 – 12 of November. Combining partners meeting with Social entrepreneurship forum. Partners presented shortly current status of social entrepreneurship in respective countries.

EUROPE 2020 states that growth has to be delivered through strong emphasis on job creation and poverty reduction.Social entrepreneurship (SE) is exactly new method to be used to overcome existing challenges as its main aim is to bring positive impact to society.

In the “Social economy and social entrepreneurship”‘ Social Europe Guide Volume 4 (2013) it is said that several key challenges of Social economy (build be SE) are found and those are:

  • lack of visibility;
  • lack of specialised training;
  • lack of support network and infrastructure;
  • access to finance;
  • lack of uniform regulation.

Seven SE support organisations across the Baltic Sea developed idea to have a better educational and overall support for SE in Baltic Sea region.

Project objectives:

  • Facilitate SE sector development in Baltic Sea region through proper adults education;
  • Educate public bodies, municipalities, NGO’s and other players about relevant tools of SE support at national and regional level;
  • Research SE and share research findings, incorporate those in the legislative, education and other support methods and tools;
  • Start and promote open educational tool as a network and startup tool to start national and cross border SE activities;
  • Create stable SE support organizations network and SE network.

In terms of the project was created an online platform, support organizations network:

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This project is co-financed within Erasmus+ program KA2 Strategic partnership. The information and views set out in the project materials are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Commission.

Please, contact SIF CEO Mindaugas Danys for more information.


The latest EU Report on Social Entrepreneurship (2016)