Can social business save the world?

Today I came across a post by Auren Kaplan on social entrepreneurship in the Huffington Post. Auren gives short overview of some of the more known stakeholders in the field of social entrepreneurship. And I am not going into the discussion of differences between social business and social entrepreneurship this time. However I included his post, partly because he mentions The Hub Network as well and our coworking center aspires to join the Network some time soon. On the other hand social business/entrepreneurship is still unknown subject in Lithuania, although in UK alone there are over 60.000 social businesses, with turnover of over 3 billion pounds. Just to remind the readers that social business is about using business like approach in solving social and environmental problems, by selling services and/or products.

Here is Auren’s post: „Want to end poverty? There is a lot of work to be accomplished. According to, over 2.5 billion people live on just $2 per day — more than one-third of all humanity. The vast majority of the population of the African continent is included in those statistics. For some perspective, the United States has roughly 307,000,000 citizens. Given those statistics, the amount of people living on $2 per day is equivalent to nine United States’ of Americas. That is a lot of people in poverty — too many — that need the help of first world institutions (like business) to empower them. So what has humanity been doing to create lasting solutions to the issue of pervasive poverty? ….

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Here is a link to my webpage with the list of social business resources.

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