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A post about the Hub by a fellow coworker Edmundas:

So, here I start fulfilling my New Years resolutions and dedicate 1st real post to current co-working place Hub Vilnius.

When I came back to Vilnius from Mumbai and needed to start working on a new project straight away, I faced an annoying dilemma. If I work at home I get distracted, bored, hungry, disturbed by family… Everything else but productive. Sitting in coffee shops is not option either – people keep coming in or leaving, talk loudly, tea is expensive… Luckily I met my good friend Paulius (cool dude, programmer, co-founder of and bunch of other projects), he was already ‘renting’ out working space in Hub Vilnius and suggested me to come and check it out.

What is this thing called Hub Vilnius you ask me. Hub Vilnius is the first co-working center in Lithuania. It has been open on October, 2010 and in June 2011 have expanded to second location in the city center, shopping mall Gedimino 9. Now they offer over 55 hot desks to freelancers and startups.
And so I went. Hub Vilnius is in shopping mall called Gedimino 9 – literary in the heart of Vilnius, less than 10 minutes walking from where I am staying right now – which is very important for me cause I don’t have a car and love walking. Here is photo of view from the Hub Vilnius Gedimino 9 window (taken by photographer and fellow Hub’er Augustas Didžgalvis)
Well, how does it look inside, this Hub Vilnius phenomenon? It is very nice. Light and cosy. This photo below shows how Hub Vilnius Gedimino 9 looks from inside, more photos can found here (for last 2 weeks during work hours you would find me sitting behind that dude with long hair, facing windows).
Now add LAN/wi-fi connection, meeting rooms, lounges, library, fully equipped kitchen, plenty of freshly roasted coffee, tea and shared office equipment to this mix. Sounds pretty good. A bit too good. They must be charging a lot. No. Prices are very decent. Even low actually. BTW, Hub Vilnius also has nice office space in North Town Technology Park (J.Galvydžio g. 5/Žygio g. 96, Vilnius, Lithuania), but it’s just too far for me.
How is this possible? Very simple – due to few cool people with nice ideas + initiative to do something and make Vilnius (maybe even world:) a nicer place to be and work. Hub Vilnius  vision says it all:
„We envision closely knit community of social innovators that works together whenever needed bu each member keeps it’s identity and individuality and does not feel restrained by the others. We create value added not only inside the hub to its members but also to our society at large.
Work at the Hub is a pleasure, coworkers are your friends and the space is full of like minded people.“
Hub Vilnius values: „In our co-working space we agree to uphold the values set forth by those who developed the concept in the first place: collaboration, community, sustainability, openness, and accessibility.“ Ant they stick to them, in 2 weeks since I became a Hub’er, I have had the pleasure to come to their Christmas party and Hub Camp (event where Hub’ers share ideas, present their startups or projects etc) and invited to bunch of other events and meetings. By one of Hub Vilnius co-founders Mindaugas (social entrepreneur, Certified Management Consultant) I was offered to do a presentation about my work in India during Hub Camp, which I of course happily did along with 6 more presenters.
So if you want to find out more about Hub Vilnius click here. Or visit Hub Vilnius Facebook page. Or read overview ofHub co-working spaces in Vilnius.
If you want to get to know more about co-working visit Deskmag. More about co-working coming from me soon too.

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