Hub Camp #13: On Love and Sacrifice for Startups

Hub Camp #13: On Love and Sacrifice for Startups

Planning the afternoons of the last Fridays of the month is easy when you got Start Karma and Hub Vilnius organizing Hub Camp events at Swedbank. Continuing with English as the working language, Hub Camp #13 gave floor to 8 great speakers, who covered a range of topics from how to establish your own startup accelerator with zero costs to the first art bike parade in Vilnius.


Rokas Tamošiūnas from Startup Highway

Rokas started the event with some great news for startupers that are interested in working with an accelerator: Startup Highway is offering a new deal that is arguably one of the best ones you could now find in Europe. Instead of taking 10% of your equity, they’re now down to 7.5%, yet still keep the investment amount at up to 14 000 euros. Another great news is their newly established partnership with a Lithuanian VC “Practica Capital”, which is giving a convertible note of 30 000 euros to startups who graduate from the Startup Highway program and need funding to function and develop further. Deadline for applications is April 15!

Giedrius Kavaliauskas – First Art Bike Parade in Vilnius


Giedrius came to present a new social initiative that will turn Vilnius into interactive canvas on April 21, as it will host a CO2 Green Drive along with other cities worldwide in order to raise awareness about the environmental problems. Taking place on the Earth’s day, the project will, metaphorically speaking, turn people into brushes and smartphones into paint, and by tracking their movements draw paint lines on a virtual map. A special app of the event will register when the participants follow the planned route, and that way they’ll leave a thin trail. With all the trails combined, the map will have a large CO2 sign drawn across the streets of Vilnius. Before the art bike parade, special “Who did this to my bike?” workshops will be open for those willing to pimp their bikes for the event.

Paulius Papreckis from Seriously, Inc.


How do you create a great first design for your startup? According to Paulius from Seriously Inc., this can be done in several easy steps, but first you have to really understand what the users are doing and what they need. Sounding a lot less like your stereotypical designer, Paulius was trying to convey a message that being a designer is not about self-expression, but rather about problem-solving. The designer with a very impressive portfolio and commissioned work briefly went through the most important steps and tips that you need to think about when putting together a design for your startup – and basically, if after his speech you were left questioning what are “user stories”, “wireframes”, or even what made Paulius’ presentation such a well-organized one, that means you should probably think about hiring a designer instead of doing the work yourself.

Mindaugas Busila from Verslauk


Representing Lithuania’s largest competition of business ideas “Verslauk”, Mindaugas talked about their “Verslauk x 10!” event, which will take place in spring for a change. The idea of the challenge is simple: how do you multiply your return on investment 10 times? Each participating team gets 10 Litas and a time limit in which they have to turn it into 100 Litas, and the winner is whoever makes the most money.  Mindaugas said the winners of the first round were selling hand-made crafts on the streets, so don’t be surprised if you see a sudden surge of those on April 11-12.

Claudio Santori Spadini from Bliu Bliu


Brought to Lithuania by love for a girl, Claudio now lives here because of love for his startup, an online language academy called “Bliu Bliu”. Speaking several foreign languages himself, Claudio really gets the difficulties we all go through when we need to learn one, and has thus created an innovative way to learn languages. With Bliu Bliu, you choose a language and get served with the content, which is picked to match your level after several testing texts where you click on everything you don‘t understand. Besides the great idea, Claudio could really boost your motivation to keep working on your idea even after being rejected, as his own story is one with both ups and downs, but definitely lots of effort.

Vladislav Tunevič from European Innovation Academy


Vladislav introduced what appears to be a truly high level startup training program: European Innovation Academy, which will be organized in Tallinn, Estonia on July 8-26, and will gather around 200 startupers from 30 different countries to develop their ideas and skills. Besides attending the workshops, all the participants will have a chance to pitch their ideas to venture capitalist from Silicon Valley, build a valuable social network, and get a clearer vision of how the world of innovation and entrepreneurship works. First round of registration closes on April 30, but if you’re not sure now, you’ll have time till May 31. Don’t snooze, as the most innovative startup can win 10 000 euros!

Giedrius Kokšta from Cupo.Co


Refusing to answer any questions about what Cupo.Co actually is, Giedrius chose another way for his presentation, and revealed some peculiarities about the lifestyle of a startuper that are usually excluded from all the success stories. Giedrius touched a topic most are actually deterred by: how does one balance between making money and investing your time into a startup creation? Referring to it as the “best startup accelerator in North Lithuania”, he basically explained how sometimes you have to admit that going back to live with your parents for a while might be one of the steps in the creation of a successful startup. Hey, at least the food is great!

Simas Janulis – Famelab


Taking the chance to make a spontaneous announcement, Simas introduced Famelab, a competition that‘s organized by the British Council in Lithuania for science students, lecturers and anyone somehow related. What in a nutshell is a public speaking competition for scientists, invites them to participate and give speeches on current developments in the area. However, besides the topic, charisma and public speaking skills will be judged as well. Registration is open till April 24!


See you at Hub Camp #14!


By Ieva Elvyra Kazakevičiūtė