Ideas Cafe Second Meeting

Ideas Cafe was started on the 28th of June. It takes place in the Hub located at Gedimino 9. Ideas Cafe is a weekly cycle of debates regarding NGOs, social businesses, and citizenship topics near the cup of coffee, which is offered by our friends – Coffee Inn. Every meeting has an aim to present new project, idea or initiative while participants are able to contribute by providing their ideas and thoughts how to improve the project.

On the 5th of July, the project will be presented. It is the only social support system in Lithuania. It was founded about a year ago with the support of Civic Responsibility Foundation ( and their partners. volunteers are responsible for entering the needs of socially supported individuals and care organizations as well as NGOs for furniture, equipment, clothes, and etc. into the Internet system. Everyone can donate the items necessary. After 12 months one could count over 1,000 items gifted and more than 50 volunteers network formed.

Today the project is looking for help and ideas for developing and improving its Web Page, increasing popularity and monetarizing the system as it has been working at the expense of the fund and has not generated any income.

Everyone, who wants to present the projects at Ideas Cafe, should register by sending us an email ( You should send a short description of yourself and the date you would like your presentation to take place. (Remember that the Hub Ideas Cafe meetings are held every Tuesday at 9 a.m.)