Coworking fits all generations

I’ve reposted this post by Carsten Foertsch from Deskmag – the only online blog specializing in covering coworking phenomenon. Based on my 6 months experience as a manager of the first coworking center in Lithuania, I can tell you that we have slightly younger average than globally, partly because majority of our members are  focused on programming and web design and this sector has develop rapidly quite recently. In addition being a freelancer is still something new in Lithuania. What do you think? Here is the original post:
„The average age of a coworker is 34 years, but most coworking spaces are melting pots of individuals from all ages. Our final part of the Global Coworking Survey reveals some key differences between the needs of younger and older coworkers. As they age, coworkers work less, are more flexible, and are more loyal to their coworking space. Younger coworker, by contrast, are more likely to require dedicated desks and 24-hour access.

Jelly coworking savaitė Europoje

Hub Vilnius prisijungė prie 30-ies kitų coworking’o centrų iš visos Europos organizuojant pirmąją Jelly coworking’o savaitę. Prisijunk ir tu, ateik į Hubą sausio 21 d., 14 val., registruokis.

Jelly yra atviras coworking’as, kuriame dalyvauja visi norintys, nebūtinai nariai. Tai nereguliariai vykstantys susitikimai, kurių metu skatinamas tarpusavio bendradarbiavimas ir pagalba, apsikeitimas informacija. Jelly yra nemokamas ir gali vykti ne tik coworking’o centruose, bet ir kitose vietose. Jelly padeda išplėsti ir sustiprinti bendruomenę. Visa tai ir paskatino Anni Roolf, Vuppertalio coworking’o centro darbuotoją, inicijuoti pirmąją visos Europos Jelly savaitę.  Ji vyks nuo sausio mėn. 17 iki 23 d.d. skirtinguose Europos miestuose.

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The first European Jelly week & we take part

Hub Vilnius joined over 30 other coworking centers from across Europe for the first coworking Jelly week. Come to Hub Vilnius on the 21st of January for Jelly there.

Jellies are occasional meetings at which a small group of people come together to collaborate in an informal atmosphere. Unlike coworking spaces, no membership is required, they cost nothing and take place in a variety of locations. They offer the opportunity to exchange ideas, with no commitments or costs. And at the same time, they allow a community to build that can eventually lead to the development of an institution like a coworking space. With these two benefits in mind, Anni Roolf, a communication designer from Wuppertal, has organized the first European Jelly Week. It will take place from January 17 to 23 in many cities across Europe.

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