Meet Tipi – the new team communication tool developed by a Lithuanian startup

Meet Tipi – the new team communication tool developed by a Lithuanian startup

Please meet Aurelija Urbonaviciute, CEO and Co-Founder at Tipi. Tipi a smart communication tool for rapidly growing or changing business which recently has been funded by angel investment. Aurelija presents the company and shares their success story.

So what is Tipi? How it works?

Tipi is a simple team communication tool that helps to have more meaningful and productive work for small / medium businesses and communities. Continue reading “Meet Tipi – the new team communication tool developed by a Lithuanian startup” »

An update on startup ecosystem in Lithuania by TNW

An update on startup ecosystem in Lithuania by TNW

More than 25 years have passed since the Soviet Union collapsed, which resulted in 15 countries being free from the central administration and the communist ideology. The three Baltic states — Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania — were the first to declare independence and officially secede from the USSR. Continue reading “An update on startup ecosystem in Lithuania by TNW” »

Huberiai, kurie išėjo į „pensiją“

Galvojau, kaip geriau pavadinti tuos huberius ir jų komandas, kurios išaugo iš mūsų ir paliko Hubą, tam, kad galėtų augti ir plėstis.  Tai žodis pensija atrodo labai atitinka tą būseną, kurią turiu omenyje.

Tai pensininkų iš tiesų per 12 veiklos mėnesių prisikaupė daug, nes, kaip mes ir deklaruojame – „Čia idėjos auga greičiau“.

Taigi, prašom, čia eks huberių (nors jei jau kartą tapai huberiu, tai visam gyvenimui:)) sąrašas:

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Another coworking location added in Vilnius

Hub Vilnius – the first coworking center in Lithuania, is expanding and adds the second location here in Vilnius. New chapter opens up on June 1, 2011 an is located in the shooping mall Gedimino 9, right in the ciry center on it’s busiest street.

The space (107 sq.m.) is inside a larger NGO operated space of 530 sq.m. Our coworkers will be able to enjoy 30 work stations, 3 meeting rooms, lounge area and a kitchen.  New members welcome. More photos coming soon:)

View from the window of new coworking chapter

Coworking is expanding in Lithuania

This week the first coworking center has been opened in Kaunas and it’s the second one in Lithuania already with Hub Vilnius working since the ed of October 2010. Greetings for the local team of coworkers and to Tomas Kažemėkas, who managed to mobilize them. Hub Kaunas landed in the building that is known as the Architects’ house which is located in the heart of the old city  (address: 22, Vilnius street, Kaunas).

There is a common area of about 100 sq. m, with 25 desks, coffee bar, library and lounge area. In addition they have 55 sq. m meeting room that can host up to 50 people and movie making room of 26 sq. m.  Coworkers from both hubs can use them depending upon need.

Hub Kaunas

Membership information is here.

You can book your membership: or by phone +37061511110.

More information is here:

Looks like it’s time to find a good Lithuanian translation for the definition of coworking, cause it is not going to step back.

To all of a freelance people in Kaunas – stop working at home, support the idea, come and join Kaunas Hub!

Hub’o sofa