Social Innovation changes face of the cities

I wanted to share with you observations by David Barrie. He reviews examples of social innovation that changes the face of the city. There are similar things in Lithuania worth mentioning as well.


For example arts and culture ( Street Music Day ) come out into the public, the street becomes part of life. Social relations are changing: strangers meet to share emotions and activities together (bubbler ), some second hand stuff ( fleamarket at teachers’ house), their skills and experience ( Eco Wave at Gedimino 9), ideas ( Pecha Kucha ) or just simply talk to each other. Artists and other active people are changing their communities inside Vilnius as well: starting in Uzupis adn ending with Newtown . Coworking in our Hub is part of this movement as well. And that’s just the beginning:).

Naujamiesčio nauja autobusų stotelė

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