When Hobby Becomes Your Lifestyle

„Foman Ultimate Lithuanians“ team navigator Vytautas Bučiūnas and the first pilot Antanas Juknevičius visited Hub Vilnius on the 22nd of June. They have just returned from the rally where they competed with ‘the world gods of this type of sport’.

A couple of hours long informal and open conversation allowed everyone to get acquainted with „Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge“ world rally marathon overall concept, its obstacles and challenges. The guests have admitted that their hobby is a hard work at the same time as they have to travel more than 300 km a day by sand while overcoming dunes that reach 300 km height. When racing, it also becomes a fantastic adventure!

It is amazing firstly because it takes place in one of the world’s most beautiful deserts. Secondly, according to V.Bučiūnas, people tend to reveal their strengths and resources as well as clear their thoughts. Thridly, the survival there takes place 24/7, which requires maximum strength and high level of physical as well as psychological endurance. And fourthly, one needs high professionalism. During this type of race, one needs to be aware of the structure of sand, not even mentioning necessary orientation in the desert, sense of distance, azimuth control, or anticipation of obstacles. A single mistake can be critical: then all preparation process and work can become worthless in a second.

In conclusion, after the conservation one could understand that the relationship between risk and pleasure is very tight here. When one gets bigger, the other gets stronger. „Starred desert sky during the night and almost unbearable heat of the day, sand in your teeth, ears, and eyes, even cars, sauna and sand shower on the road“. This is the situation that ralists come to after leaving their comfort zone. Naturally, we rise the question why one should actually go there. After hearing the question, A. Juknevičius and V. Bučiūnas express that „car sports is a disease which is incurable“.